Personnel policy
Personnel policy of Firm "Novofarm-Biosyntez" LLC

The main goal of the personnel policy of Firm “Novofarm-Biosyntez” LLC is to create an effective, successful team that works enthusiastically and achieves high results. The personnel policy of the Company provides for:

  • better working and housing conditions;
  • comprehensive development of personality;
  • an employee’s health care;
  • proper organization of the labor process;
  • advanced training of employees;
  • maintaining the welfare of employees;
  • organization of trainings, attendance of seminars.

The professional staff of the Company has a positive image not only as a manufacturer of high-quality, safe and effective medicines, but also as a team of active and creative individuals.

Our traditions

We also care about the physical and psychological health of our employees, organize a variety of online and offline events and implement ideas through projects:

Culture and creativity

The Pancake Week – traditions and rituals, creation of a doll talisman by employees, group trips to cinemas and theatrical performances, workshops, etc.

Sponsorship and volunteering

Assistance to children of the Town Orphanage, Children’s Service, assistance to pensioners and war veterans, anti-terrorist operation soldiers, animal shelter

Environmental Protection

Garbage collection on the shores of reservoirs


Involvement of employees in donations, payment for medicines and long-term treatment of vulnerable groups

Healthy Lifestyle

Hiking, biking, kayaking, team paintball games

Novofarm-Biosyntez corporate culture

Novofarm-Biosyntez corporate culture is an integrated one, it focuses on the following styles: organization, efficiency, and care.

Organized nature

Observance of rules, mutual respect, cooperation

It provides for operational efficiency, absence of conflicts, responsibility, and sense of duty. It is based on uniform norms and structure. Everyone plays by the rules. Employees are constantly interacting; leaders rely on common procedures and traditions.


Achievements, purposefulness

It provides for clear implementation of plans, focus on the outside world (our customers and partners), empowerment, achievement of goals. Requires achievements and victories. The result is extremely important for us. Employees expand their capabilities, and leaders appreciate focus.


Achievements, purposefulness

It provides for teamwork, staff involvement, communication, a sense of belonging, creates a relationship of trust. An atmosphere of cooperation and mutual assistance has been created and maintained at the Company. Employees are united by loyalty; leaders appreciate honesty, teamwork and a positive attitude.

Collaboration of different styles of the corporate structure in the Company creates a spirit of cooperation, trust and respect, provides responsibility and commitment of employees to the Company, ensures minimal staff turnover, low conflict and high staff involvement.

Why we worth working for:
  • we value and award the most ambitious, productive, active, and creative employees;
  • we work as one team;
  • we have created conditions for continuous training and development of our employees;
  • we have created comfortable, safe and comfortable working conditions for our employees;
  • we provide decent salaries.