Pharmacovigilance is the field of science and practice related to the detection, evaluation, understanding, and prevention of adverse reactions or any other drug-related problems.

For Firm "Novofarm-Biosyntez" LLC., one of the key goals is to provide consumers with high-quality, effective and safe medicines, benefits of which outweigh the possible risks. The pharmacovigilance system of Firm "Novofarm-Biosyntez" LLC aims at monitoring the safety of medicines and their effectiveness throughout the life cycle.

Dear colleagues and consumers of medicines! If you become aware of an adverse reaction related to the use of a medicinal product manufactured by Firm “Novofarm-Biosyntez” LLC, please fill in the notification card and send it to:, or fill in the online notification card.

Fill in the notification card

You can also report an adverse reaction to us using the following contacts:


After receiving the notification, our employee will contact you.


The authorized person responsible for pharmacovigilance is Ignatiuk Vita Mykolayivna.


The information provided to you is confidential and is not subject to disclosure, except as required by the law.