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Marketing Authorization

Pharmaceutical form

Solution for injections.
Main physical and chemical properties: clear colorless or light yellow liquid free of foreign particles.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Antithrombotic agents. Heparin group. ATC Code В01А В01.

Therapeutic indications

Prevention and treatment of thromboembolic diseases and complications (acute coronary syndrome, thrombosis and embolism of major vessels and arteries, brain vessels and vessels of the eyes, phase I disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome, permanent atrial fibrillation with embolization);
– prevention of postoperative venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (low-dose regimen) in patients who have undergone surgery or who are at risk of developing thromboembolic disease for any other reasons;
– prevention of blood clotting during laboratory tests, dialysis, extracorporeal circulation, heart and vascular surgeries, direct blood transfusion.


2 mL, 4 mL or 5 mL in a vial; 5 vials in a blister; 1 blister in a cardboard pack.

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