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Marketing Authorization
№ UA/3653/01/01

Pharmaceutical form

Solution for infusion.
Main physical and chemical properties: clear colorless or slightly yellowish liquid; theoretical osmolarity is about 1382±22 mOsm/L.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Osmotic diuretic solutions. ATC Code В05В С01.

Therapeutic indications

Cerebral edema, cerebral hypertension, intensive seizure therapy, ascites; acute hepatic and renal failure with preserved renal filtration capacity and other conditions requiring increased diuresis (epileptic status, acute onset of glaucoma, surgery using extracorporeal circulation, post-transfusion complications after administration of incompatible blood, barbiturate poisoning and others).


200 mL or 250 mL, or 400 mL, or 500 mL in glass bottles.

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