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Marketing Authorization
№ UA/9724/01/01

Pharmaceutical form

Solution for infusion.
Main physical and chemical properties: clear yellow liquid; theoretical osmolarity is about 300 mOsm/L.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Electrolytes in combination with other agents. ATC Code В05В В04.

Therapeutic indications

Detoxification of the body in infectious diseases followed by toxemia; burn disease in the phase of intoxication (2-5th day); acute radiation sickness in the phase of intoxication; peritonitis and bowel obstruction (in pre- and postoperative period); edema caused by chronic kidney diseases; thyrotoxicosis; sepsis; liver disease in the phase of liver failure.


200 mL or 250 mL, or 400 mL, or 500 mL in glass bottles.

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