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Marketing Authorization
№ UA/16647/01/01

Pharmaceutical form

Solution for infusion.
Main physical and chemical properties: clear colorless or light yellow liquid.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Antibacterial agents for systemic use. Imidazole derivatives. ATC Code J01X D03.

Therapeutic indications

Parenteral administration of the drug is indicated in cases of acute and severe infection or when oral administration is not possible for such diseases and conditions:
– anaerobic systemic infections caused by ornidazole-sensitive microflora: septicemia, meningitis, peritonitis, postoperative wound infections, sepsis, septic abortion and endometritis;
– prevention of infections caused by anaerobic bacteria in surgical interventions (especially in operations on the colon and rectum), in gynecological surgeries;
– severe amebic dysentery, all extraintestinal forms of amebiasis, giardiasis, and liver abscess.


100 mL in a bottle; 1 bottle in a cardboard pack

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