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Marketing Authorization
Ukraine: №UA/9488/01/01

Republic of Azerbaijan: DV № 21-01000

Pharmaceutical form

Emulsion for infusion.
Main physical and chemical properties: white to off-white homogeneous emulsion, free of solid particles and large oil drops. On long standing, a slight yellowing is observed.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Agents for general anesthesia. ATC Code N01A X10.

Therapeutic indications

For short-term general anesthesia, the medicinal product is administered intravenously for:
– induction and maintenance of general anesthesia in adults and children >1 month of age;
– sedation for diagnostic and surgical procedures alone or in combination with medicinal products for local or general anesthesia, in adults and children >1 month of age;
– sedation of patients over 16 years of age who are being ventilated in an intensive care unit (ICU).


10 ml or 20 ml in a bottle; 5 bottles in a blister in a cardboard pack.
50 ml or 100 ml in a bottle; 1 bottle in a cardboard pack.

Sales market

Ukraine, Republic of Azerbaijan

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